Modern Love Club


Go ahead, ask us anything

I'm interested in being a client? What happens next?

Fabulous! First step, fill out our online Rolodex and include what type of service you are most interested in. After you fill out your entry, reach out to Emily for faster assistance.

How much does it cost to be a client?

Since we offer many types of packages (matchmaking, coaching, online profile maintenance) at different contractual periods, we go by a case by case basis for each individual.

The cost of working with our clients vary depending on their needs and the type of package they select. We only evaluate your situation in-person after the initial consultation.

How many dates do the clients go on?

Our clients can go on as many dates as they please. The amount of dates hinges on an ongoing dialogue between the client and the matchmaker.

Some clients have choosier preferences and just go on one date a month, while other clients go on 1-2 really amazing dates each week. It is completely up to each client's individual preferences and schedule.

I'm interested in only being a match for a client. What do I do?

Fill out our online rolodex! Please be honest, detailed and specific about what you are looking for. This way, we can get an idea of who you are and the type of person you want. If we think you match with any of our cool clients, you'll be hearing from us!

Does it cost anything to match with a client?

It is completely free to match with our awesome paid clients. We only charge a one-time fee during the interview consultation for processing and maintenance purposes.

Who sees my Rolodex entry?

Your information is absolutely confidential. Your entry is restricted to in-office use only.

What happens during the interview? Do I need to bring anything?

The pre-screen confidential interviews are 45 minutes to an hour. During that time, we learn more about you, your dating history, likes and dislikes, etc. It is super fun, informal and casual!

On that note, you certainly don't have to bring anything to the interview but yourself and an open mind. However, it is recommended to email us a wider selection of photos before the meeting. A good rule of thumb is 3-5 photos, with a mix of full-body shots and selfies.

What kinds of clients do you have?

We only take people who we adore, and are truly inspired by.

We have late 20s to mid-50s female and male clients -- amazing, attractive, relationship-oriented and successful individuals. We love them, and we think you would like them too!

Why The Modern Love Club?

We genuinely care about you and your love life. As an artist of people with an exceptionally honed skill of what makes things click, Amy knows how to successfully curate your love life to something tailor-made for you. Amy also went to the Matchmaking Institute and has consulted for dozens of innovation and romance companies, apps, entrepreneurs.

If your clients are really amazing, why would they go through a matchmaker? Can't they find people on their own?

The Modern Love Club prides itself on clearing the static and curating a selectively fabulous experience for our clients. We manage their online profiles to prevent dating fatigue, and go on their bad dates to find their one really amazing date that week. We take care of the legwork in introducing our clients to people they will genuinely connect with.

If you still have a question that we didn't answer above,feel free to contact Emily.